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What we have done is the assurance of what we will do

Our Mission

Our mission is to go above and beyond for our customers, ensuring that your door will look fantastic and last for years, providing you with peace of mind. We take pride in representing our country by delivering our products to various European countries, particularly Germany. You won't find our doors as display items in large supermarkets. We are proud to offer a range of different doors that excel in design, quality, and affordability. By continuing to produce and innovate, we contribute to our country's economy.



As the Anızlar family, we have experienced the joy of bringing together thousands of families under one roof. Each year, we take pride in uniting at least 100 families in their dream homes.


Wood Industry

"With 'YOU IMAGINE, WE REALIZE,' our slogan, we reflect the designs you envision for your homes, a tradition we have carried on for over 35 years. Going forward, we will continue to expand our horizons and maintain our leadership in this field together with our valued customers.


Plastic & Aluminum Industry

In 2008, our company ventured into PVC door and window production and subsequently added aluminum door, window, and glass balcony systems to its portfolio, leading to rapid growth and development. Our production facility has become the preferred choice for all leading PVC brands.